Winter fun – peanuts (plant #18)

Peanuts! Yum…Last winter, I had found some un-roasted peanuts and bought them to try out in my winter planting experiment. Unfortunately, I never got around to planting them but kept them tucked away on my gardening shelve. I decided to make them 2014’s start of my winter experiment. I present the humble peanut.

Shelled peanuts

Shelled peanuts

Planting a peanut
Supply List:

  • Natural peanut (shouldn’t be roasted)
  • Container (I recommend that you use a clear see-thru container)
  • Potting soil

I cracked a few peanut shells and removed the peanuts (ate a few too). I used a plastic container, because in Don’t Throw It, Grow It!, the authors describe how a peanut grows.

“Wait until the plant flowers. After it has pollinated itself and its petals have fallen off, the ovary will swell and the plant will start to grow down. It then will push into the earth and eventually a peanut containing two seeds will emerge. If you plant your peanuts close to the outer edge of a clear plastic pot, you’ll be able to watch this unusual process.” – Deborah Peterson

I filled the container, planted the little guys, watered them and put them near a sunny window.

Started on : 11/25/2013
Time to germinate: 5 days

12/01/2013 UPDATE
I couldn’t get over how quickly the peanuts germinated. The photo came out a little dark, but the seedling that was emerging was nice and healthy.


01/04/2014 UPDATE
Here are the peanut seedlings after about a month. I think they look so pretty. I can’t help but smile when I see them.

Peanut seedlings

Peanut seedlings


  • Fun project! I love me some raw peanuts.

    • If you want some, let me know. I’ve got extras. :-)