Summer hiatus turns into extended sabbatical – yikes!

Holy cow does time fly! I had decided to take a small break from RustySpade during the summer months. The garden was beckoning and the thought of sitting in front of my computer while the weather was so beautiful was more than this gardener could take. The outdoors won and the blog went into a hiatus of sorts. My husband and I spent most of the summer hiking with the girls, living life, and enjoying the bounty of the garden. The tomato plants put on an impressive show as did the sunflowers, the beans, the kale, and all the herbs. Not to be outdone, the flowers exploded from their garden beds, providing an endless supply of tenants for my vases. Our house spent most of its summer days dressed in flowers of all colors and sizes.

Before I knew it, the garden was being put to slumber, the beds were carpeted in shades of reds and oranges, only to be followed, surprisingly fast, by blankets of snowy white. Yesterday when my first seed catalog of 2014 arrived, I realized that my hiatus had turned into an unexpected extended sabbatical. As I sat in front of my blog this evening, I felt somewhat guilty at having ignored it for so long. Perhaps as the winter settles in for the next few months, I will be able to tend to it as I did the garden and it will reward me as much as the garden did during the warmer months.



  • Time well spent! Welcome back.

    • Thanks, Ricki. Of course, I have also neglected my fellow garden bloggers. :-(